Full Field (ages U13 - U18)



 Teams in the Full Field age categories will compete with local teams.

Games will mostly be played in Lacey this spring

8 game season with 4 home games and 4 away games

 Spring 2017

Registration:  opens January 1 closes Feb 25

Fee - $80 (plus uniform cost for new players)

Birth Year2016/17 playing year
Born in 2013U4
Born in 2012U5
Born in 2011U6
Born in 2010U7
Born in 2009U8
Born in 2008U9
Born in 2007U10
Born in 2006U11
Born in 2005U12
Born in 2004U13
Born in 2003U14
Born in 2002U15
Born in 2001U16
Born in 2000U17
Born in 1999U18
Born in 1998U19

Games-  March 18 to May 20

Practices will begin in March 1.  Day, time and location of practice will be determined by the coach.

Players will be notified of team placement by late February.



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